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 ABP - Repairers Choice Award for Best Estimating System.  Winner 2021
Général 12 novembre 2021

GT Motive receives ABP – Repairers Choice Award for Best Estimating System

GT Motive has been awarded with the ABP – Repairers Choice Awards for the best Estimating System at the ABP Club Night of Knights Awards.

Last Tuesday 9th November, during the ABP Club convention, in which GT Motive has been present, the ABP Night of the Knights Awards gala took place. During this event, a reference in the claims repair sector in the UK, a series of awards were presented, including the award for the best assessment tool. These awards are voted on by a panel of judges made up of the garages themselves.

GT Motive, has been awarded for its estimating software and communication platform: GT Global and GT Estimate. This award is a recognition of the utmost importance, as it is based on the assessment of the end users of the solutions themselves, the repairers. On the other hand, it recognises the investment and effort GT Motive is making in the UK market and in providing agile and modern solutions that adapt to the needs of each market.

GT Global is a powerful, agile and easy to use claims management system that connects companies with garages to provide repair management with the highest accuracy in estimating and efficiency in management.