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GT Global for Fleet and Leasing

Repairs Authorisation Platform.

A collaborative platform for fleet management and authorisations of inspection service interventions, mechanical breakdown repairs, new vehicles and tyre failures.

GT GlobalTM improves the productivity of rental/leasing companies and workshops by reducing the execution times of interventions.

GT GlobalTM includes an integration with GT EstimateTM for drafting estimates, which allows closing entire cycle related to interventions in each vehicle, generating an end-to-end workflow. This will result in process optimisation.


  • Optimised fleet management costs.
  • More agile processes through configurable and automated business rules.
  • Improved estimate accuracy: through integration with GT EstimateTM.
  • Savings of time and costs in invoicing through electronic invoicing.
  • Adaptability to customers: configurable to meet the needs of any company.
  • Increase of ORs for workshops: they will be able to work with several companies on a single platform.
  • Encourages the loyalty of workshops by streamlining intervention and invoicing processes.



GT Estimate: Solution to conduct appraisals and repair estimates.
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  • Real-time integration/synchronisation with company back-office.
  • Use in front-office by workshops that do not belong to a company’s trusted network.
  • Opening/closing of authorisation cycles by the companies themselves on behalf of the workshops.
  • Tyre Services Module: uploading of tariffs agreed with distributors.
  • New Vehicle Module: management of new fleets and of all the information from suppliers.

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GT EstimateTM

GT EstimateTM

Solution to conduct appraisals and repair estimates.

Claims assessment software to calculate the cost of repairs carried out on a vehicle for collision damage, mechanical breakdowns and / or inspection services.
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