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GT Fusion

Our approach to optimizing the claims process with the most innovative technologies.

Take advantage of the highest level of flexibility in a rapidly evolving technology ecosystem.

Our collaborative approach means you always have the option to use your preferred technology partner.

The power of a collaborative mindset to bring our customers the most powerful solutions and the highest level of flexibility in a rapidly evolving technology ecosystem. GT Motive provides our customers with the ability to select their third party technology providers, and through our powerful transformation layer intelligently drive claims automation by leveraging our core assets of data and expertise.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved Customer Journey : Leverage your preferred solution to engage with your customers.
  • Open Collaboration Model : Optimal flexibility through our constantly growing network of AI/ML technology partners.
  • Process Automation  : Our intelligent transformation layer translates AI/ML recommendations into precise repair line detail.
  • Use Case Flexibility :  Determine your target claims automation use case, and we’ll help you solve it

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GT GlobalTM

The Flexible, Open Platform.

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