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GT EstimateTM

Solution to conduct appraisals and repair estimates.

Fully cloud-based solution for calculating the cost of the repairs to be made to a vehicle following a collision, mechanical breakdown and/or inspection services.

GT EstimateTM provides all of the mechanical and bodywork information on parts, labour and paint needed by automotive professional.


  • User friendly: build with a responsive web-design so you can use on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Always updated: fully cloud-based solution that is always up to date. No installation needed.
  • Connected: integrated with the leading DMS, management systems, and workflow platforms like GT GlobalTM
  • Accurate: identification of the exact model and equipment via license plate lookup and GT VIN QueryTM.


  • Coverage for collision, glass and maintenance data across 38 manufacturers and 1,500 models.
  • Database built around OEM parts and labor information, with manufacturer, AZT, Cevismap and Centro Zaragoza paint systems.
  • Web-services: optimized flexibility by leveraging our web-services to easily integrate our database and product capabilities into our customers workflows and tools.
  • License plate query: identification of the vehicle chassis number by entering the number plate (optional).
  • GT VIN QueryTM: identification of the vehicle’s equipment through the VIN or chassis number (optional).
  • Business Rules: control and optimize the performance of your network of collaborators with highly configurable business rules (optional).



GT Estimate: Solution to conduct appraisals and repair estimates.

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