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GT Motive provides GT Estimate with the most complete and detailed vehicle database with its new NextGen documentation process.
General 27 September 2019

GT Motive provides GT Estimate with the most complete and detailed vehicle database with its new NextGen documentation process.

GT Motive, a company specialised in developing technological solutions to optimise vehicle repair management, is once again improving GT EstimateTM, its claims, breakdown and maintenance appraisal tool. This time, with NextGen, a new and revolutionary way of documenting vehicles that optimises the information available from the models referenced in its extensive database. As a result, GT EstimateTM users will be able to access even more complete information on each model, avoiding identification errors in the spare parts, equipment and systems incorporated in each vehicle. NextGen delivers greater efficiency to GT EstimateTM, which saves time and money.

The growing complexity of new vehicle models coming onto the market is no longer a problem when appraising and estimating repair shop operations with the revolutionary new NextGen vehicle information documentation system. With it, GT EstimateTM anticipates the challenges posed by the greater technological load and growing customisation of modern automobiles, becoming the most powerful tool and with the most detailed database on the market available to professionals involved in claims management.

Highly reliable, easy to use and fast. With exact part numbers for all documented parts, including the smallest and most complex.

These are the main benefits that the new NextGen documentation system brings to GT EstimateTM users regardless of their responsibilities in the claims management process. In the words of José Díaz Trasancos, GT Motive Database Contents Manager, in charge of the technical development of this new system: “With NextGen, we have managed to substantially increase the value that GT EstimateTM provides to repair shops, leasing companies and insurance companies. All of them benefit from a tool with more models (up to 25 % more in 2020), more part numbers (up to 20 % more per model this year), more level of detail and more ease of use (by means of a feature to identify all the relevant part numbers by vehicle identification numbers [VINs])”.



NextGen is also a 100 % GT Motive development, the result of the company’s focus on innovation and its commitment to customers in order to offer solutions of the highest added value to the market. “GT Motive’s know-how management has allowed us to develop the powerful algorithms incorporated in NextGen. These algorithms are essential to achieve the enormous efficiency injection that the new system delivers to vehicle decoding and documentation for GT EstimateTM”, said José Díaz Trasancos. This new technological solution actually reduces by up to 30 % the average time it takes to process and input data into the database of the models we are now adding.

All vehicles documented with the innovative NextGen system provide GT EstimateTM users with both technical and price information with the same level of detail and update as the manufacturer’s own catalogues or specialist catalogues, including, for example, parts priced at one euro. 

The NextGen model documentation process will continue to expand its coverage gradually. For professionals, identifying decoded vehicle models in detail is easy, they can see them by means of their corresponding “Notification” by pointing to NextGen models on screen. If they enter the vehicle identification numbers on these models, they will have access to all the information in a single click. 

In the words of Gt Motive CIO Damien Dolan:“Our industry is undergoing a series of important changes that are affecting us all and will most likely continue to do so in the future. We have new legislation on technical data, new vehicle technology, including ADAS, and a rapidly changing market dynamic in terms of vehicle use and ownership. GT Motive is at the forefront of these changes and will continue to provide benefits to its customers. With our appraisal platform, we provide better and faster vehicle identification along with accurate and complete technical data. Our users enjoy and will continue to enjoy the benefits of the best data and estimating software application on the market”.