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Experts need agile, efficient and reliable solutions to carry out their work. We provide experts with integrated mobility solutions that allow them to improve their processes and gain efficiency.

Solutions adapted to your daily routine

GT EstimateTM

Appraisal of automobile damage

Claims appraisal application for calculating the cost of the repairs to be made to a vehicle following collision.

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Identification of the vehicle’s equipment

Module associated with GT EstimateTM allowing identification of vehicles and their equipment by VIN or chassis numbers.

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Mitchell WorkCenterTM

Comprehensive management of automotive claims

An end-to-end platform that enables the comprehensive management of material damage automotive claims.

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GT Mobile CheckTM

Mobility solution for the Buy-Back market

An app designed for the Buy-Back market that allows for speeding up the process of expert appraisal and the return of vehicles bought back by the manufacturer.

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Integrated and connected solutions

GT EstimateTM
Damage appraisal

Mitchell WorkCenterTM
Claims management

GT Mobile CheckTM
Buy-Back appraisals

Efficiently manage your day-to-day work!

Appraisals, work organisation, management… All in your hands!

We provide you with solutions that will allow you to improve your processes and gain efficiency. With our mobility solutions, you can manage your daily work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

GT EstimateTMSolution for conducting claims estimates.


Soluciones y Servicios que se adaptan a las necesidades específicas de cualquier cliente

Technology for experts

Digital solutions for working on the move

Expert work requires tools designed for daily work that provide efficiency. In an environment marked by technological changes in the automotive industry, GT Motive’s solutions adapt so that experts don’t have to worry about anything.

Soluciones y Servicios que se adaptan a las necesidades específicas de cualquier cliente

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GT Motive has over 45 years of experience in developing solutions for the automotive aftermarket. Our customers’ trust endorses us. Some of them wanted to share their experience and the results obtained by using our technology. Read them!


Philippe Lamier

Director of Automotive Assistance / Allianz Partners France

GT Motive has deployed its consulting offer at Allianz Partners France in…

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Luís Miguel Linares Canales

Director / Alaez y Taravilla Asesores, S.L.

GT Motive offered us a fairly straightforward solution, which suited our needs…

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Nani Cámara Jiménez

Partner-Manager / Taller Bosch Car Service y CertifiedFirst Antis Guadarrama S.L

The solution that GT Motive suggested to us, GT Estimate, allowed us…

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