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History and values

Our mission / To provide our customers with the technology for achieving the best outcomes and getting back to normal after an accident or mechanical breakdown.


GT Motive is a company dedicated to developing software solutions for estimating and managing claims, as well as maintenance and mechanical breakdowns for the automotive industry. Our estimating tools provide the technology to achieve the best results and restore normality after a vehicle accident or mechanical breakdown.

  • 1971 José Carlos Martínez started up Guía de Tasaciones S.L. That was the first name of the company. It started marketing paper-based products.
  • 1998 Einsa Multimedia, embryo of the current GT Motive, was started up. Two years later, the first solution was launched in digital format.
  • 2007 Einsa Multimedia was renamed GT Motive. The company started expanding abroad and opened an office in France.
  • 2012 The company forged a strategic alliance with Mitchell International, the leader in the US market.
  • TODAY GT Motive is present in 28 European countries and in South Africa, India, Tunisia and South Korea, with a workforce of close to 300 employees.


We are the partner that can be trusted.


We honour our commitments.


We focus on quality and execution.


We are experts in automotive data and claims.


We have an international footprint.


GT Motive is present nowadays in 28 countries, with offices throughout Europe and an international network of technology and business partners.

Committed to our people.

The human team that makes up GT Motive has been, is and will be the fundamental pillar on which to build and transmit the values that define us as a company. Our code of conduct includes the guidelines that define our internal values and make GT Motive the place it is today.

Code of conduct