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GT Motive presents cloud-based automobile claims management to the technological community
General 23 October 2013

GT Motive presents cloud-based automobile claims management to the technological community

GT Motive presents its innovative collaborative cloud-based platform for auto claims management, GT Motive Mitchell Workcenter, at the X edition of GALICIATIC.

In the framework of the tenth edition of GALICIATIC, being held at the Cultural Innovation Centre of the city of Santiago de Compostela tomorrow, 24 October, GT Motive will present cloud-based auto claims management to the technological community.

Year after year, GALICIATIC represents exponential technological progress in the ICT sector and a platform for debating the best solutions available for business competitiveness. As a new feature in this edition, GALICIATIC wishes to round out the vision of ICT markets by extending the conference internationally, especially to emerging countries, as an opportunity for technological development in ICT-based products and services.

In its 10 editions since 2003, the GALICIATIC podium has featured prestigious international experts from different ICT areas, as well as professionals employed by companies with highly innovative and groundbreaking product offerings in the ICT market, including software, hardware and communications. This year the conference will feature presentations by INDRA, PHILIPS, CISCO, ORACLE, INTEL and IBM, among others.

To confront the new challenges facing insurance companies in the auto sector—centred around growth, customer loyalty and cost reduction—GT Motive is based on four pillars that support its initiative:

1. Mobility through mobile devices in the work of the claims adjuster, claims clerk, policyholder, workshop and other suppliers.
2. Cloud, through cutting-edge collaboration environments and in constant dialogue with the different players in the auto claims management process.
3. Social networks, to improve collaboration and information among all players in the management process and to increase productivity.
4. Big data, through the information generated in each company’s activities in order to uncover areas for improvement and predict future claims patterns.

GT Motive will give a presentation on its innovative collaborative cloud-based platform for auto claims management, GT Motive Mitchell Workcenter. 

Thanks to its alliance with Mitchell International, GT Motive is proposing a totally revolutionary way of managing automobile repair: GT Motive Mitchell Workcenter. Not only does it involve new processes and technology, but more importantly, it represents a conceptual change—“Cloud Collaboration”—based on current Insurance Company/Claims Adjuster relationships, but giving the Policyholder and the Workshop a much larger role.

The key to controlling the Average Cost and improving Customer Satisfaction clearly lies in incorporating these two players into current processes.

GT Motive will show its contingency plan (BCP) for its Datacenter, located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), which is used by the leading European financial institutions. This type of company requires maximum security and business continuity levels in order to offer its services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Oracle is the technology partner for this mission.

Taking advantage of this technology converence, GT Motive will show the new methodology for developing solutions and services based on the principle of streamlining, which places more emphasis on individuals and interactions, on collaboration with the customer, using market-oriented software and speedy reaction to change.

GT Motive will introduce changes in the versions of its solutions every three weeks in 2014, and this represents a quality commitment to this level of software production.

According to Damien Dolan, GT Motive’s Business Information and Technology Senior Director: “We are delighted to attend this landmark event in the technology sector, along with other presenters at the highest level, which situates GT Motive as a benchmark in the context of solutions and services in the insurance sector. The technology is advancing at an accelerating rate day by day. Investing in technology is a great effort, and we make it for our customers with examples like GT Motive Mitchell Workcenter. We identify with the goals of each company, with commitments to improvement so that our customers only have to worry about business excellence”.


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