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GT Motive presented a success story at the Salón Profesional de Flotas: ARVAL
Renting/Leasing 17 October 2013

GT Motive presented a success story at the Salón Profesional de Flotas: ARVAL

Over 60,000 transactions a year are already being performed, and more than 1,500 workshops are connected to the platform.

In the framework of the Salón Profesional de Flotas in Madrid, held by IFEMA from 15–17 October, GT Motive presented the success story of “ARVAL”, which is based on the experience and benefits of implementation over the past year of the GT Motive Global platform at ARVAL, a multi-brand leasing and fleet-management company.

What is GT Motive Global?

A cloud-based collaborative communication platform for fleet management. Among its modules, we highlight:
1. Automatic or semi-automatic management of intervention authorisations related to inspection services, mechanical breakdowns and tyres, according to the business rules set by the company. The platform includes integration with GT Motive Estimate for calculating the cost.

2. Management of new vehicle purchase and registration: orders to dealers, installation of accessories, with constant information about the status of these orders.

Benefits of GT Motive Global

In general, ARVAL’s adoption of this technology has brought it improved management and efficiency of the fleet and its interventions, reduced technical costs, improved supplier management and relationships, and higher service quality standards with respect to the driver.  


1. Improved company productivity.
2. Optimised fleet management costs.
3. Integration with the company’s back office system.
4. Automatic authorisation approval.
5. Possibility of using GT Motive Global on the technical customer telephone platform.
6. A specific module for tyre services.
7. A VN management module.


1. Cooperation of the workshop in tasks in the authorisation cycle via the web.
2. Electronic billing.
3. The same solution for performing interventions for different companies.

Figures of GT Motive Global in ARVAL

1,500 workshops using the communication platform.

60,000 annual transactions.

50,000 mechanical transactions.

50% with electronic billing.

According to César Estrela, Director of Service Delivery: “Arval is a company committed to the highest levels of service quality, in fact it’s in our DNA to add value to the companies we work with. This commitment leads us to innovate and continuously improve the intervention authorisation process, to make it as efficient as possible and to make the workflow between all the players provide connection and real-time information, so that the driver has the vehicle as quickly as possible and can get back to his or her activities, but also so that the workshops, our partners on the ground, feel like a part of our organisation. GT Motive Global allows us to achieve all these company goals, which seek change through technology.

According to Antonio Osuna, Iberia Senior Director of GT Motive: “Our extensive experience in managing maintenance/breakdown interventions and in the claims process for the automobile sector, and especially in the leasing and fleet management sector, to which we might add our collaboration with the majority of the workshops in Spain, enables us to invest knowledge and resources—as in the case of GT Motive Global and GT Motive Estimate—to anticipate needs for information and collaboration, but always hand in hand with our technology, to offer the best results with the goal of helping leasing companies achieve their quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction goals under the most demanding conditions. GT Motive Global allows ARVAL to simplify and improve information exchanges by using a cloud-based collaborative computing platform that connects all the players in the intervention authorisation process, generating this efficiency and service quality, in addition to savings.

GT Motive and its experience in fleet management

1. ALD Automotive.
2. Alphabet.
3. AON.
4. Arval.
5. Athlon.
6. BBVA Finanzia.
7. Caixarenting.
8. CMA Services.
9. Lease Plan.
10. Mapfre Renting.
11. Northgate.
12. Parcours.

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