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GT Motive fortifies its global constituency as a guarantee of the success of its project
General 01 July 2015
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GT Motive fortifies its global constituency as a guarantee of the success of its project

An event where over 40 managers and directors from the company where in attendance and focused on the value of cultural diversity was the occasion in which the Lease Plan Company was given the opportunity to explain why it has chosen GT Motive as its main provider in the European market, Fons Trompenaars, a consultant from KPMG, gave a seminar about cultural diversity and leadership and Mitchell International shared its experience in innovation and sales in the North American market.

Last week GT Motive brought together in Madrid more than 40 directors and manager from the company to participate in the Leaders programme. This year, the “leitmotive” of the event has been cultural diversity, a concept which is generating a transformation within companies which aspire to lead the global market.

International companies are currently immersed in a transformation towards globalization and in order to compete in global markets, companies must rely on an integrated multicultural team.

GT Motive offers technology and information to the automotive market at the international level. Both the Technological and Automotive sectors are eminently global in nature. That is why the internationalization of GT Motive forms part of its essence as a company, and is an essential part of its core values.

Customers need global technological partners and GT Motive provides the answer to these needs through synergies generated with its partner, Mitchell International, which adds up to the best estimate solution using modern, innovative management platforms for accidents and breakdowns.

In the last three years the company has invested 17.4 million Euros towards improving its technical information, its data center as well as adapting its global solutions to local markets. These improvements have resulted in an increase in the company´s invoicing by 12% in 2014, and in 2015 the projection is for a 20% increase.

For GT Motive, its people and the realization of their talent in the multicultural environment is key. Among the company’s more than 255 employees, there are more than 13 different nationalities represented from 2 continents as well as providers and partners in various parts of the world.

Diversity has been transformed into an identifying characteristic of success or failure for many companies. GT Motive, on the other hand, is transforming this diversity into a strength. This is one of the reasons that Fons Trompenaars, founder and director of the company which bears his name, as well as being one of the most respected experts worldwide on this subject, was invited to the event. For more than 25 years Trompenaars has been training, motivating and preparing numerous Fortune 500 companies to face the growth of their business and the dilemma of cultural diversity in order to gain effectiveness and obtain the best results in the areas of globalization, acquisition of talent, partnerships, human resources and leadership.

Lease Plan, as an example of success, also made its presence in the event. Manuel Gabas, the Operations Manager & Procurement Director, talked about how the global development of the company has unfolded, which is currently present in 32 countries, as well as the need for technology demanded by their providers. He also talked about how GT Motive has become their solutions provider for estimates and value added services for the Renting sector in the European market.

Another speaker of interest was Peter Lovasz, Senior Director of Sales & Customer Success at Mitchell. He shared his knowledge of the best sales practices in the highly competitive North American market with the attendees.

For José María Castelo, CEO of GT Motive, “In the last few years, GT Motive has embarked on an exhilarating adventure towards internationalization, not without risks or complications, nevertheless with the satisfaction of looking at the horizon with confidence in knowing that we are on the right road, with a presence in more than 20 countries. Being able to share these days with a team comprised of more than 13 nationalities, with different customs and experiences, aligned towards one project and common values, fills me with a tremendous satisfaction and confidence in our project. During the last few days we have had the opportunity to work with experts in cultural diversity, with our European business partners, international companies as well as our partners at Mitchell. We know that with our passion and our technology and services we will continue to provide the best solutions to our international customers in order to obtain the best results and become ever more efficient”.


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