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GT Motive begin their technological transformation plan
General 05 September 2013
Tags Technology

GT Motive begin their technological transformation plan

GT Motive feature a new storage, computing, security, business software and databases infrastructure for their European expansion.

In late 2012, GT Motive entered a strategic alliance with the American company Mitchell International, USA’s leading provider of technology solutions for managing personal injury and property claims, which involves more than 50 million transactions annually.

The new GT Motive add powerful new assessment and technical information solutions with business and communication platforms, which will be absolutely innovative in Europe. The new company have the necessary financial and technological resources to adapt these solutions to the markets and further develop the presence of GT Motive in Europe.

Under this expansion plan, 28 million euros will be invested in the next five years, of which a part will be used to transform the company technologically and service more than 76 companies, 12,500 repair shops and 3,950 experts; together, these amount to more than 26,000 professional users in Europe.

This technological transformation is based on a new ITC infrastructure of their datacenter, which is located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and is used by major financial organisations in Europe. This datacenter can support the new family of solutions in the cloud, such as GT Motive Estimate and GT Motive Mitchell Workcenter. The latter is an innovative collaborative communication platform that revolutionises automobile claims management and is focused on improving average costs and customer satisfaction.

In addition, GT Motive have entrusted BT with the architecture and implementation of the solution, including storage infrastructure, computing, networking, network security infrastructure and business software and databases (Netapp, IBM, HP, F5, CISCO, Microsoft and Oracle) as well as professional services for the implementation.

According to Damien Dolan, GT Motive’s Business Information and Technology Senior Director:

“The new GT Motive are strongly committed to their clients and users from all over Europe, to whom they should ensure a robust, reliable, secure and always available service platform to support the new cloud computing solutions, such as GT Motive Estimate and GT Motive Mitchell Workcenter. Technology is advancing at an increasingly accelerating pace. Investing in technology is a great effort and we make it for our clients with examples like this. We identify with the objectives of each company, with commitments to improve so that our clients’ only concern is business excellence.


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