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Cooperation VDFM with KARENTA
General 30 June 2020

Cooperation of VDFM Ltd with Karenta SA

VDFM Ltd, as the official representative of GT Motive in Greece and with shareholder Mitchell International, is pleased to announce its new great partnership with Karenta SA, the leading Greek company in the automotive industry and the largest authorized dealer. Audi, Volkswagen and Škoda in Greece.

Thanks to this collaboration, Karenta gains a strong advantage over its competitors, as it now has the ability to universally use the GT Estimate system, for which the exclusive representative in our country is VDFM Ltd. This innovative program offers an immediate assessment of the damage and an accurate calculation of the cost of repairs, in a cloud environment, allowing a very fast assessment from anywhere and through any device (mobile, tablet, pc).

At the same time, it provides full connection (100% integration) with all Karenta systems, offering it the ability to directly receive and send data, as well as the exclusive use of data from official manufacturers, such as the paint system and repair time of each model.

The GT Estimate system was selected by KARENTA S.A. due to the reliability, completeness and quality of its database, which has detailed entries from 36 different manufacturers, for over 1450 unique models!

Always faithful to its commitment to offer the most comprehensive and technologically advanced electronic assessment and loss management services, VDFM Ltd continues to expand its partnerships with the largest companies in the industry, further consolidating its position in the Greek market.