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Cooperation of VDFM LTD with Ydrogios Insurance
Insurance 17 April 2019

Cooperation of VDFM LTD with Ydrogios Insurance

VDFM Ltd, as the official representative of GT Motive in Greece and with its main shareholder Mitchell International, announces with great honor and joy its new cooperation with the Ydrogios Insurance, one of the largest Greek insurance companies in the general insurance sector.

Through this collaboration, the “Ydrogios” now has the opportunity to access innovative technologies through the innovative platforms VDFM Ltd offers to optimize the damage management process. Initially, VDFM provides GT Estimate, for which it is also the exclusive agent in our country, through which costing or repairing cloud computing is done, allowing it to be evaluated from anywhere and via any device, tablets, PC. In addition, with VDFM – Auction Parts, the insurance company acquires the first digital, (used, new and after-market) auction tool in real time, managing to find the spare part it is looking for within 24 hours. Finally, through the E-Salvage platform, the “Ydrogios” gains access to an auction of vehicles that are considered unprofitable for repair.

VDFM Ltd, proud of its strategic partnerships with national and international insurance companies and with the primary objective of providing them with integrated electronic solutions in the field of damage estimation and management, continues its steadily rising course by strengthening its position, and more, in the Greek market.