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Cooperation VDFM with KARENTA
Insurance 23 October 2017

Cooperation of a significant strategy between interasco AEGA and VDFM Ltd

VDFM Ltd, as the official agent of GT Motive in Greece, entered into a partnership with one of the best and fastest growing insurance companies in the Greek country, INTERASCO AEGA, after a three-month fair competition conducted in technical and financial terms in June.

The competition was attended by all competing companies already active in the industry. This collaboration is considered strategic since, for the first time in Greece, an insurance company makes a GT Motive software contract for rational and optimal cost and loss management.

The decision of GT Motive, which has as main shareholder the Mitchell International (one of America’s largest providers of Motor and Life Damage Management) to activate its services in Greece, is of particular importance, since the excellent organization of the company, as well as the huge capital that invests each year for the most advanced technological benefits, enable the Greek insurance market to enjoy top-level services at the best possible price.

Finally, the fact that GT Motive’s software was considered to be the most appropriate and most advantageous option makes VDFM a proud representative of the company, seeking to provide comprehensive, timely and timely coverage of software services in the country’s insurance industry.